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anti-cellulite devices effective

Diet, cream, sport … when all methods have been tested by your customers, they then turn to anti-cellulite devices. As a beauty institute, the anti-cellulite program is a must-have. But how to choose your device? How to be sure of its effectiveness?

We tell you everything!


The usefulness of anti-cellulite devices


Research and technology are working together to offer increasingly effective anti-cellulite devices. Different methods are in the spotlight: lipomassage, cryotherapy, infrared, ultrasound, Biostimology® … Each operates according to specific principles, but the goal remains the same: stimulate the lymphatic circulation to dislodge the cellulite deep and firm the skin.

However, it is useless to believe in miracles. These anti-cellulite devices do not replace a diet or setting up a balanced diet. They will not lose weight either because their goal is to help your customers get rid of cellulite. With some methods, they can lose a few inches of waist, thigh or belly, but for a sustainable weight loss, the food is essential!


Anti-cellulite device or slimming device?


For your beauty salon, you will be confronted between the choice of an anti-cellulite device  or a more comprehensive slimming program. The difference between the two lies in the results: an anti-cellulite device concentrates on the tonicity of the skin and its effectiveness is only played on the decrease of the orange peel effect. Centimetric loss is not guaranteed.

A slimming device is for beauticians wishing to offer a slimming program, which allows their customers lose fat. The advantage of this solution is that it also acts on cellulite.

To see real effectiveness, you will need to probe the needs of your customers. For women and men who want to get rid of cellulite, while decreasing the volume of certain areas, it is better to opt for a slimming device.


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