Hands-free device: is this the right solution?

Publié le : 09 Jul 2018

Hands-free device

Beauty salons, spas, thalassotherapy centers … Our ambassadors share the reasons for their choice and the benefits of a hands-free slimming device for a professional in the beauty market.


A great time saver


What is more difficult than refusing clients for lack of time, when you have already extended your opening hours or expanded your team?

To optimize your time and that of your team, the hands-free device is a significant asset. Indeed, its main advantage is that it allows to free the hands of the beautician. In other words, it is possible to perform other care in parallel and thus to accept new reservations.


A complementary source of income


Among the solutions to increase the turnover of an institute, developing additional sales is one of the most effective. Of course, we are thinking of selling care products in your institute. However, it is also possible to offer additional and complementary services to certain treatments.

The hands-free devices are the ideal solution to complete your care menu and generate additional income. And for good reason, their easy use mobilizes no beauticians once the session started. This can be a significant differentiator for attracting new customers. Know also that their setting up within your institute is fast.


An effective response to customer expectations


You may have noticed it: the aesthetic sector is marked by an increasingly demanding clientele. In search of fast, visible and lasting results, this one does not hesitate to compare the performances of several institutes before reserving a care. Customers are also many to ask for concrete evidence, especially regarding slimming care.

To effectively meet the goals of their customers, many beauty salons have turned to hands-free devices because of their effectiveness. Different studies support the benefits of hands-free devices such as BodySculptor. Based on innovative technologies such as BioStimology®, this professional slimming device has shown convincing results in just 12 sessions: a loss of 2 dress sizes, or the equivalent of 6 centimeters in waist circumference, combined with firming skin.


Want to know more about the operation and effectiveness of the BodySculptor hands-free device? Ask for a demo session!


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