What is a non-invasive care?

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non-invasive care

When you are told “invasive care” you think of scalpels, injections, pains, like everyone else … and surely like your clients. If these beauty treatments prove effective, they are often scary. For good reason, an invasive treatment is not without risks.

So, if your client (s) have the choice between invasive and non-invasive care, he is quickly focused on the second. But concretely, what is a non-invasive care? What are the benefits of beauty care?


What does non-invasive care mean?


The non-invasive care, usually painless, requires no incision on the skin. It is a treatment that does not damage the cells of the body and does not generate side effects. The latter respects the body, sublimates it while preserving its structure.

Whether for face or body care, this type of care is performed without surgery, efficiently and safely. In addition, be aware that skin and body are more receptive when treated gently.

Non-invasive care embellishes, prevents and corrects imperfections, without intrusion. It is advantageous from many angles for your clients.


The benefits of non-invasive care


The benefits of non-invasive care should be considered before, during and after the treatment:



  • Treatment is more easily accepted since the client knows that the act is painless.
  • Just before the session, the client has no apprehension, she / he is not tense.

As a result, she / he is much more relaxed when they arrive at your institute, which improves their experience with you and your staff.


During :

  • The relaxed body receives the benefits (some light sensations) of the treatment.
  • The associated relaxation is also appreciated.



  • Progressive and natural result.
  • No side effects, no scars, this treatment is for everyone.
  • The customer feels a pleasant feeling


BodySculptor, non-invasive care for a refined silhouette


BodySculptor is a device derived from scientific research. 100% hands-free, it consists of 2 boots and 4 inductive straps covering the whole body: face, arms, waist, hips, thighs, knees and calves.


It combines the effectiveness of BioStimology® with the benefits of microprocessor-based body drainage. This technique, alternating compressions and decompressions of treated areas, aims to restore good blood and lymphatic circulation, without pain or impact on the body. It relieves the symptoms of heavy legs while effectively fighting cellulite.


Its 100% natural and non-invasive mode of action leads to a decongestion of fat cells (triglyceride hydrolysis), with release of energy and consumption of excess fatty acids. This “soft” technology makes it possible to slim down durably and efficiently without destroying the cells.


Results: the skin is firmer, the oval of the face and the whole of the silhouette is refined. This treatment also allows your client (s) to relax during the session while letting you go to other occupations institute.


With a non-invasive care, the sessions are totally harmless for the body. They experience a feeling of intense well-being and lightness. They will be able to say goodbye to cellulite and orange peel after a few appointments fullness.


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