7 tips to make my slimming device profitable

Publié le : 24 Jul 2018

7 tips to make my slimming device profitable

How to make yourself known? “How to retain loyalty? “How to manage your stock? Or “How to increase your turnover? “. Difficult to navigate among these questions but it is obvious that to answer it, it is necessary to make profitable each technology that you proudly acquired.

To help you in your activity, Cosmosoft offers 7 methods to make your slimming device profitable.


Interest your customers in your slimming device


To begin, your customers must have heard about your slimming device and be interested in its performance. To do this, you must:

Check that your customers are interested

Before investing in a slimming device, check that the need of your customers is real.

Give your clients the opportunity to share their feelings about the benefits and what they would like to have in addition. Ask them directly: what do they think about a slimming device?

Master the efficiency and results of the device

To be able to sensitize your customers to your slimming program, you have to show them all the benefits they will get from it. Sell ​​them your new slimming technique, even before buying the device. For this purpose, as soon as it is installed, you will start to make it profitable.


Create packages


In general, it takes several sessions for a slimming device to work and your clientele to become satisfied. To make your slimming program profitable, offer packages including discounts. For example: “Benefit from – 15% on the care of your choice for 10 sessions purchased” or “For 5 sessions purchased, the 6th is offered”.


Use point-of-sale advertising


Feel free to use advertising in your institute: put posters and flyers available on the counter to praise your slimming device and its benefits. If you have set up discovery packages and offers, add them as well.


Highlight the slimming device on its website


Does your institute have its own website? If yes, use this support to communicate about your new service. Put a large inset on the homepage and propose a possible online reservation.

Social networks and e-mailing will also be a great help to promote your new program and make your slimming device profitable.


Promote the care to men as well


Why exclude them? It’s not just women who want to find a perfect body. The male only waits to be told where she can benefit from such treatment. Do not let this potential market go. Integrate it with your target!


Sell complementary products


As you know, selling complementary products boosts the expected results of a treatment (and your turnover). Study with the manufacturers of the slimming device, the products that you can combine for better results.


Opt for a hands-free device


Since it exists, it would be a shame to miss. A hands-free device, such as the BodySculptor, is the key to doubling your income during a session. In fact, once your client is well received and quietly lying down for his / her treatment, you will have your hands free to provide care to other clients!



All you have to do is put these tips into practice to make your slimming device profitable.

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