Hands-free slimming device: 5 questions to ask before buying

Publié le : 24 Jul 2018

Hands-free slimming device

Looking for a hands-free slimming  device to deliver an effective slimming program to your clients? Before making your choice, think about your needs, the benefits for your customers and the efficiency of different devices in the market.

To help you choose the most appropriate technology for your establishment, ask yourself these 5 questions:

What are the needs of the institute?


To begin, make an inventory of your offers and devices already available in your institute. Do you want to propose a totally different program? Complete your already existing cures? Or totally renew your slimming benefits?

Aimed at beauty institutes, spas, thalassotherapy centers or slimming centers, the hands-free device is perfect if you want to become a reference for slimming in your area.


Is the device easy to use?


All beauticians do not have the opportunity to close or delegate their salon for several days, the time to do a training. When buying a hands-free weight loss device, you must take into account the ease of use. Ideally, 2 hours of exploration of the device, with a manual or training video, should be enough to take it in hand.


What are the benefits for the customers?


When you receive women or men who want to lose weight, what exactly do they want? The objectives of a slimming cure are several:


  • Reduce cellulite
  • Losing abdominal fat
  • Firming the thighs
  • Decrease the hips and thighs
  • Refine and tone the entire silhouette


To make your hands-free weight loss device profitable, it must meet the needs formulated regularly by your customers.


Are there any contraindications?


The operation of slimming devices is different from one model to another. Some may have contraindications for pregnant women, people with heart problems, epileptics, etc.

Before proceeding with the purchase, it is essential to inquire on this point. Know that there are hands-free devices for slimming have no specific contraindication.


Is there proven efficacy?


What are the results promised by the device? Are there clinical studies that prove the results? In order for your clients to leave satisfied with your institute, it is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the chosen technology.

Check the manufacturer’s website, but also ask the sales representative. The numbers he will give you are important for your sales. For each device selected, read:

  • The number of sessions needed to see results
  • The average waist circumference lost at the end of the program
  • The average of all other limbs impacted by the treatment: thighs, arms, calves, hips …
  • The percentage of customers satisfied


Thanks to these data, you will see more clearly in your choice.


Looking for a 100% hands-free slimming device for your facility ?

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