Significant, lasting results (- 6 cm waist circumference observed on average after a 12-session cure), with no side effects, are obtained gradually, adhering to the natural biological processes.

Cosmosoft, manufacturer of professional slimming, fitness and health machines has developed a unique technology, the result of 15 years of scientific research and study: BioStimology®. “Bio” in reference to the biological and natural action of the BioEnergetic field on the body and “Stimology” to refer to the cell stimulation technology of lipolysis (fat breakdown).

Cosmosoft has from the outset used a unique, patented technology for beauty and medical purposes: the diffusion of a BioEnergetic field that naturally stimulates adipocyte lipolysis (triglyceride hydrolysis) with release of energy and consumption of excess fatty acids.

Each BioStimology® session entails a reduction of subcutaneous or visceral fatty mass.

BioStimology® technology, with no undesirable side-effects for the organism, perfectly fits the framework of a number of Beauty, Fitness and Medical protocols.



The technology used in BioStimology® diffuses a low-frequency BioEnergetic field, generated through active body straps. The low-frequency BioEnergetic field generated stimulates the natural fat cell decongestion process. It is comparable to the Earth’s magnetic field which is necessary for the balance of life.



  • Reduces visceral fat that causes health risks related to the metabolic syndrome.
  • Redraws the figure, reducing fat overloads.
  • Reduces cellulitis and improves skin quality.
  • Favours relaxation through neurotransmitter stimulation.
  • Improves the IVF success rate in infertile obese patients.


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